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Event planning wizard
These are the pre-event details needed to set up any type of event.

My Role:

UX Design

UX Research


Customer success manager



3 Weeks

Problem Overview

Meetmatch is an event application for business networking events. To create these networking events, the details of a particular event have to be customized to fit the needs of the event. With most events, there are common characteristics amongst them and this is where the event planning wizard comes in.

Home - event wizard.png

The goal of the implemented event wizard is to reduce the time spent creating an event by choosing characteristics that are common among most events.

The Challenge

All events are different, so narrowing down what was common across the board was going to be crucial. After consulting with the customer success manager, we mapped out the user flow for creating an event using the Meetmatch platform. From this, we were able to conclude that all events had certain characteristics.


Due to the challenges observed, we were able to establish that the characteristics below will comprise as the pre-event planning wizard:

  1. Name: All events had a name.

  2. Type: The kind of event it will be, e.g., a conference, webinar, etc.

  3. MOA (medium of attendance): That is, will it be in person, online, or hybrid?

  4. Time and Date: All events had a date, a starting time, and an ending time.

  5. Turnout: All events had an expected number of participants (usually a range).

Exploring the event wizard

Beginning and choosing the type of event

When creating the event you start and choose the type of networking event you want.

Home - event wizard (1).png

Name and medium of attendance

Here, the name of the event is given and the medium of attendance is selected.

Name and attendance type.png

Event duration

The time and the date are selected here

Event duration (2).png

Number of participants

The number of people attending the events will be chosen here.

Expected participants (2).png

Summary and verification

After choosing the details above, a summary of the selection shows what was selected and an option to verify just in case of errors.

Summary and check.png

Post-event creation

Email campaign

A user admin will receive an email giving them their login details after an event has been created.

Email campaign (1).png

Example of the event created

After completing the event creation, the next step is accessing the event that was created. The example below is the event created for our customer, Fontys University of Applied Sciences. It highlights the internship networking opportunity for their students and companies. It also shows the chat page.

Summary and check.png
Companies example.png
users example (1).png


The product was shipped, and the event wizard is now involved in the process of creating an event. For now, the process of creating an event is shorter than it was before. We noticed that it is now almost three times faster to create an event. There is always room for improvement, and we will iterate as we learn more about how we can best satisfy our users.​

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